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Board of Directors

Debe Campos-Fleenor (AZ Active Agent) 

Treasurer 2008-2009
Executive Vice President 2009-2017
President 2017 - Present
Debe Campos-Fleenor began her affiliation with Allstate in 2004 as an LSP, opening her own "scratch" agency in 2006. Debe joined NAPAA shortly thereafter and has served as both Executive Vice President and Treasurer. She is active in many groups and organizations, including the Allstate Foundation programs for domestic violence and teen safe driving. Debe has been awarded the Allstate Helping Hands Award several times, and has made significant contributions to the Allstate Giving Hands campaign. She was nominated for Woman of Influence in 2008.

Debe is a regular contributor to the Exclusivefocus magazine. An expert at locating marketing items available from the company, her presentations at NAPAA live events are always a big hit.

Claudia Gamache (IL Active Agent)

Director 2015-2016
Secretary 2016-present
Claudia's early insurance career progressed from service positions into an underwriting trainee program. She worked for three insurance carriers in a variety of positions before landing at CNA as a home office commercial referral underwriter. She stepped up through numerous positions including branch and regional offices, leaving the home office as EVP. She also held the position of compliance officer for a national Professional Employer Organization (PEO) which she helped build and launch using independent agents as the sales force. After retiring from CNA, Claudia joined an independent agency as operational VP where she was exposed to both the wholesale and retail marketplace. She began looking for independent agencies to purchase for her then-employer, when she found an Allstate agency for sale. At the time, her husband was also an Allstate agent. It appeared to be a great opportunity; Claudia launched her Allstate career in 2005 with the purchase of that agency.

Claudia currently serves on several boards including Chicago West Suburban CPCU, a commercial condo association, and Bridges to a New Day, a cause for which she has received numerous Allstate Agency Grants. Claudia joined NAPAA the same year she became an agency owner, believing it is only natural to support the organization that supports you.

Dale Revels (FL Active Agent)

Director Since 2001
Executive Vice President 2003-2004
President 2004-2008 
Immediate Past President 2008-2014
Director 2014-2017
Treasurer 2017 - Present
Dale is the owner of Ark Insurance Group located in Kissimmee, FL. He was hired as an R1500 agent in 1987, and converted to the independent contractor agreement in 2000. Dale has earned Honor Ring and National Conference numerous times, as well as achieving many local promotions and awards. Dale served as NAPAA president for four years, and as immediate past president from 2008 to 2014. He is an active agent with a passion for NAPAA and the agents of Allstate.

Dale says that the highlight of his NAPAA career was the day he received the Jim Fish Award, the most highly regarded award NAPAA can bestow upon someone. You can view the full transcript from the Jim Fish Award presentation here

Virginia B. Ottenberg (OH Active Agent)

Director 2015 - Present
Secretary 2018 - Present
Virginia began her career in October 1979 as a "Sears booth agent," feeling like she was immediately set up for failure. Nearly 36 years later, she is still around! Her original career plans included joining the airlines, but after coming back to the States from the University of Grenoble in France, she hooked up with Arthur Murray Studios and spent the next seven years teaching social dancing. Marriage made her look to a career more conducive to family life, and that is when she stumbled into Allstate. 

Virginia's awards include several Honor Rings, National Conferences, Life Leaders Forums, and more. She is not all about the trips and awards, though--she is more about doing this the right way and considered herself a "trusted advisor" before Allstate dreamt it up. As a dues-paying member of NAPAA for several years, she is honored to be a part of the National Advisory Council as well as serving on the Board. She believes that NAPAA provides a wonderful forum to share our common problems and help with solutions. NAPAA truly keeps the agents informed. 

Janet Begley (IN Active Agent)

Director 2016 -  present
Janet started her career in May 1987 in an office with another employee agent. Prior to her employment with Allstate she had been a Real Estate Broker.

Janet was hired as a R1500 and in 1999 converted to the independent contractor agreement. The most important thing to me is “the” customer, without them we are nothing. I have always had a lifelong passion to help people and have been extremely lucky to have had careers that have allowed me to do so while allowing me to provide for my family.

The most important award I have ever been presented was in 2011 Agency Loyalty Index – Top in Territory and in 2013 Top in Region Agency Experience Score. My customers let me know I was doing something right and it meant the world to me.

Michael GarofaloDIRECTOR
Michael Garofalo (CT Active Agent)

Director 2011-2017
Executive Vice President 2017 - Present
Garafalo purchased a declining Greenwhich, CT Allstate agency back in 2010. Through hard work and new staff, they were able to turn the agency around and make Honor Ring, Chairman’s Award and Inner Circle Elite. 

Prior to joining Allstate in August of 1981, Michael was a series 7 and 63 licensed broker selling stocks, bonds mutual funds for client will retirement and college funding goals. Over time, he has worked as a wholesaler with the Pilgrim Group, with Kemper Financial selling 401k plans and Kemper Funds, GE Capital Company, and Axa/ Equitable group where he helped start the bank wholesaling channel.

Personally, Michael has served on the Little League Board in his town for 5 years, on the executive committee for 2 years working as a players’ agent, and the local Babe Ruth board for 5 years (where he helped raise money for all children to play baseball/softball who wanted to but could not afford to). He loves to travel to the beach with his family and plays golf whenever he has the chance.

Garafalo joined NAPAA in 2011 and has been an active member ever since. He looks forward to helping NAPAA and its members grow their businesses and hopefully have a better working relationship with Allstate corporation. 

harvester johnDIRECTOR
John Harvester (IN Active Agent)

Director 2018 -  present
John joined Allstate in June of 2012, grateful for the opportunity to serve his customers and own his own business. With many years of service as a district sales manager for another insurance company, it helped John understand the journey that lay ahead. He has been able to grow his business and become a welcomed member of the community, giving back to the community that has given so much.

John's agency achieved Honor Ring in 2015. Implementing processes has helped grow his agency. There are many challenges agents face with underwriting, customer follow-up and concerns, operating costs, staffing and economic environment. All business operations have challenges that need to be overcome, and agency ownership is not any different. Challenges are around every corner, but John feels that none of them are too big that we cannot overcome together.

John joined NAPAA early in 2017, realizing that there were other agents that he might be able to lend support to and help them to grow their agency. NAPAA has supported other agencies for years and John wanted to be part a organization that helped all agents to be as productive as they could possibly be while trying to address concerns they may have. So far, NAPAA has been the voice that speaks for the agents and John wanted to do what I could do to help in the future, as we all face many challenges everyday.

John feels blessed to be able to volunteer in the community. Over the years working with others together he has been able to develop Little League complexes and work to develop youth in the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. John has coached many different sports to help develop youth. Currently, John is serving as a Court Appointed Special Advocate the help families to put their lives back together and especially help the children. John is also a active member of Exchange Club and his local church.

Rob McBride (IN)

Director 2017 -  present
Rob feels privileged to have acquired a small agency in 2007. Through organic growth and acquisition, the agency grew as Rob accepted on behalf of his team multiple County and State-wide awards. Corporate recognition including Honor Rings, President’s and Chairman’s awards as well as back-to-back annual designations as an “Inner Circle Elite” winner are achievements he was proud to have accomplished with his staff.

As an entrepreneur, investor and business professional, Rob incorporated his first business in 2001. Having been an Executive Vice President of a communications company and a Sales Director for a publicly traded technology company prior to agency ownership, Rob believes that diverse business paths have helped form the concepts he used for success within his agency. He also states that in every business situation, he has felt honored and blessed to having been provided the opportunity to take care of clients, friends and policyholders just as if they were his personal family.

Rob joined NAPAA a few years ago initially to be able to deepen the benefits package he provides for his employees by enrolling his entire team within the organization. He also saw value in supporting a cause that looks to strengthen agency ownership at every level. Specifically he states that, “the significance of an additional “voice-of-many” representing agency owners nationwide can be a powerful and beneficial tool.” He hopes to add value to that voice as well.

Personally, Rob is very interested in music and travel as well as secretly being a bit of a technology nerd. Rob attended Purdue University via IUPUI studying Computer Technology, volunteered and served in the US Army, as well as many years within the Boy Scouts of America’s Leadership and BSA Woodbadge programs. Rob says that business has allowed him to provide support for many charitable community causes. As a father, a grandfather, and active community member, he feels that he understands local values as it relates to knowing how to advise and suggest proper solutions. Professionally he looks forward to sharing ideas, concepts and approaches to business that he hopes will create new and additional success for others within their own agencies and endeavors.