Inside NAPAA

Inside NAPAA

Board of Directors 2013-2014

 PRESIDENT - Bob Isacsen, NY; 
 Former Allstate Agent
 Director 1990-2000
 President 2008-present

 Bob Isacsen is veteran of the insurance industry  with an educational major in Insurance from The  College of Insurance in NYC.  During the first 25  years of his career he served in Sr. Vice President  positions at two of the leading international  insurance brokerage firms and was responsible for  the production and implementation of creative risk  management programs for many of the Fortune  100. Bob has always been considered one of the leading corporate insurance producers in the United States.

In 1985, Bob decided to make a career adjustment and became an Allstate agent in February, 1986. He was the first Neighborhood Office Agent (NOA) to locate in downtown Manhattan and grew his agency to $4 million before selling it in 2007.  

In the late eighties, an Allstate agent association was being formed in Florida. It was called the National Neighborhood Office Agents Club, or NNOAC. Bob was invited to the first NNOAC meeting in Louisville, KY and volunteered to become a director. NNOAC later changed its name to the National Association of Professional Allstate Agents (NAPAA).   

From 1990 to 2000, Bob held continuous director and officer positions at NNOAC/NAPAA. In the year 2000, Bob was nominated for NAPAA President and had no opposition. Unfortunately, he suffered a heart attack in early 2000, making it impossible for him to serve as president. It would be another eight years before he decided to run for president again.  After a spirited campaign, Bob won the election and has served as NAPAA president ever since. 

Bob is a wealth of industry and Allstate-specific knowledge.  He understands the challenges and issues facing Allstate agents in their complicated relationship with the company and believes that  "Together, through NAPAA, we can help our members prepare for the ever changing agency landscape at Allstate."

Dale Revels - PresidentIMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT - Dale Revels, FL;
Active Agent
Director since 2001
Executive Vice President 2003-2004
President 2004-2008
Immediate Past President 2008-present

 Dale is the owner of Ark Insurance Group located in Kissimmee, FL.  He was hired as an R1500 agent in 1987, and converted to the Independent Contractor Agreement in 2000.  Dale has been awarded the Allstate Honor Ring, National Conference numerous times, as well as achieving many local promotions and awards. 

After serving four terms as NAPAA president, Dale decided to step down. Shortly thereafter, he was awarded the prestigious Jim Fish Award, an honor that is sparingly bestowed upon NAPAA leaders who go above and beyond the call of duty. For a complete transcript of the presentation, please click here

BA Degree in International Relations, Florida State University (1981)  

Under my leadership, NAPAA began the "Legislate for Success" initiative. NAPAA's team of directors and officers has successfully transitioned our Association to meet the needs of our members in turbulent times.  Our Association continues to make a difference for captive Allstate agents and I intend to do everything in my power to continue to make a positive difference for our members.

My goal is to provide an association that many more agents will want to join and more members will want to get involved.  My view of NAPAA is that of a business organization that works to enhance the value of its membership book of business. This will be achieved by the sharing of ideas between members and communication so that our membership always is in the forefront of the insurance industry , and that we continue to maintain the highest ethical and business practices in how we treat our clients , our membership and the company we represent .


Active Agent

Treasurer 2008-2009
Executive Vice President 2009-present

Debe A. Campos-Fleenor, is an active Allstate agent located in Tucson, Arizona. She began her affiliation with Allstate in 2004 when she accepted a job as a part-time staff person in an Allstate agency. She liked the work and eventually concluded that becoming an Allstate agent would be a sound career move. As a result, Debe opened her own "scratch" agency in July 2006. Debe and her staff are all bilingual.

Debe joined NAPAA after she opened her agency, and became a member of the NAPAA Board of Directors in 2008. She is currently the Executive Vice President and has also served as NAPAA Treasurer. Debe has won the Allstate Helping Hands Award several times and has made significant financial donations to the Allstate Giving Hands campaign since 2006.

While she is active in many groups and organizations, she decided to become involved in NAPAA to make things better for Allstate agency owners. "Besides," she says, "if you really want to get something done, just ask a busy person."

Secretary: United Way Inclusion Council Steering Committee. 
Chairperson: Hohokam Middle School Council Committee.
Board of Director: United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona
President, Vice President and Secretary of her children's PTA

University of Arizona 1977-1982.  Bachelor of Arts.
Major - Speech Communication, Minor - Psychology.

Current Member:
University of Arizona Alumni
University of Arizona Hispanic Alumni
Tucson Hispanic Chamber
Tucson Metro Chamber
Arizona Small Business Association
National Association of Women Business Owners
National Association of Professional Allstate Agents
Network Universe
Metropolitan Who's Who  
Biltmore Who's Who
Allstate Against Abuse Team (AAAT) 2012 Advocacy Days Attendee

Debe was nominated for the "Woman of Influence" award in 2008 and has served as a judge for DECA in the years, 2007 and 2008.

Debe's hobbies include: scrap booking, traveling, cooking and volunteering

SECRETARY - Judy Ost, WA; 
Former Allstate Agent
Director 2001-2006
Secretary 2006-2008, 2010-present

Judy began her career as a Neighborhood Office Agent (NOA) with Allstate in 1985.  She converted to Exclusive Agent (EA) in 1996. She has won Honor Ring, National Conference, and Chairman's Conference.  Judy canceled her contract with Allstate March 31, 2006, elected the TPP and sold part of the business as well.  Anyone interested? - "Ask me how I pulled that off!"  Judy now owns and operates Main Street Tax Service - "I'm truly independent now!"

Professional designation: LUTCF
NAPAA Board of Directors - 12 years
Past Board Member Coalition of Exclusive Agents Associations (CEAA)
Past President local chapter of National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) 2003-2006
Professional Development Chair, local NAIFA, 2003-2006
Past Washington State Multi-line Chair, NAIFA
Past Washington State LUTC Chair, NAIFA
Past President, Battle Ground Chamber of Commerce
Past Board member, Battle Ground Chamber of Commerce, 6 yrs.
Treasurer of Old Town Battle Ground Association ( a merchant group) 2006 - 2009.
Past President of Old Town Battle Ground Association

I am still passionate about the rights of agents and the wrongs of Allstate.  Also still campaigning for increased scrutiny of credit scoring as an underwriting tool

Some of my pet peeves include:
Inability to sell the book of business to any agent "in good standing" with Allstate.
Imposition of production quotas.
Interference with agency employees.

Judy has 4 children, and 8 grandchildren, and resides in Battle Ground, Washington with her husband of 40 years, Corky Ost.


TREASURER - Ismael Melendez, Jr. WA;
Former Allstate Agent
Director 2006-2009
Treasurer 2009-Present

Ismael "Ish" Melendez began his Allstate career in 1989 at a Sears store in Federal Way, Washington. Not only was he one of the last of the "booth" agents hired in Washington State, but was also among the last R1500 agents hired. In 1991, Ish and two other agents opened a three person NOA office. He became an EA in June 2000 when he converted to the R3001 Agreement. He immediately bought another book of business and merged it into his, a common practice at the time. Ish is an eight time Honor Ring winner and has earned National Champions two times. Ish sold his agency in Federal Way, WA in 2009.

Ish recently shared these thoughts about NAPAA:  "My commitment to NAPAA is unquestioned. I believe that we exist to offer our fellow Allstate agents a way to become successful by trying to find answers and resources to make this possible. NAPAA board members each have their own unique set of perspectives, experiences and ideas that they are willing to share in order to help both new and existing agents succeed. We believe that when agents win, Allstate wins."

Before coming to Allstate, Ish worked for the Internal Revenue Service where he held several positions, including Tax Auditor, Trainer, Acting Group Manager, Hispanic Employment Program Manager, Revenue Agent, TIP Coordinator Assistant, and Tax Shelter Examiner.

Ish served in the United States Air Force on both active and reserve duty for more than 30 years. He continued his USAF career until his mandatory retirement date in November, 2010. He is an ardent supporter of a strong military and is willing to "respond to the call of my country whenever needed."

Ish has a Baccalaureate Degree in Business Administration. He majored in marketing and minored in accounting.  He has been married for nearly 29 years and has three children, ages 18, 15 and 13. He is an avid NY Yankees fan and says he "will always root for them, win or lose."

His personal philosophy: "Treat others with the same degree of dignity and respect that you desire from them. Help others achieve success for, if they succeed, we all succeed." 

DIRECTOR- Greg Thompson, TX; 
Agency Partner
Director 2009-present

Born in Butte, Montana, my  father was a scientist in the defense industry and his work took us to California, Utah and Texas.  I attended Montana State University and Rocky Mountain College, graduating with a BS in Business Administration in 1979.

While in college I enjoyed hunting, fishing, white water rafting and playing on the football and basketball teams.  While on the basketball court I was affectionately known as the guy with the finesse of a water buffalo.

Greg worked for two fortune 500 companies in the audit department subsequent to graduation.  He started his Allstate career as a booth agent in Fort Worth, Texas in 1986.

In 2004 Greg merged his agency with Frank Sargent.  Now they operate the agency as a partnership, with Frank as the agency principle.  Greg is a multiple honor ring award winner.

In my spare time I enjoy cycling, softball and basketball, even though the only thing I can dunk anymore is a donut.

Having thoroughly enjoyed my Allstate career and the lifestyle it has afforded, I am a heartfelt believer in the agents association as the best vehicle to enhance agents careers and dreams. 


DIRECTOR- Lezlee Liljenberg, TX; 
Active Agent
Director 2011-present

Lezlee Liljenberg began her career with Allstate as a scratch agency in June 2004. Quickly proving her agency's potential for success she began customer servicing over 1,200 policies in March 2005 on behalf of the company and was eventually entrusted with 250 of those policies. On a fast path for growth she then purchased an agency of 1600 policies in January of 2007, doubling her agency size and adding the responsibility of a satellite office.

Pre-Allstate Lezlee was a commercial real estate broker for 13 years with Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate and MCI Corporation. In 2000 she joined a team of TXU account executives to launch electricity deregulation in the State of Texas. After marrying Magnus Liljenberg in 2001(a manager with Allstate at the time), she realized that if she were going to put in 12 to 14 hour days she would rather build a business for herself and Magnus. With his encouragement she began her career with Allstate.

Lezlee has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Journalism/Public Relations and a Master of Arts degree in Political Science/Public Administration. She has been an artistic welder for the last 18 years and continues to create wonderful art pieces for purchase. She is very excited to have to have published her first book in 2010: Salt of the Earth-Cooking and Writing for the Soul from the Soul.

Lezlee loves spending time with Magnus, her two step-sons, their wives and granddaughter, Gia Camille Saint. Lezlee lives her life to give back to others, and believes that loyalty and trust are the foundation to mutual respect and success for everyone. Her motto is "Knowledge is Power" and consistently pursues her own personal growth. She also encourages her staff at Allstate, and those around her, to learn all they can to in order to live the best life possible. God is her guide and she gives her credit of success and happiness to Him.


DIRECTOR- Al Bullard, NY; 
Former Allstate Agent
Director 2009-present

Al was born in Brooklyn, NY, but was raised in Queens and attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice with studies in the field of forensic psychology. He served in the law enforcement industry for a short period of time on his way to a business career with Allstate from 1977 to 2009, where he earned awards and honors including National Champions, Chairman's and Inner Circle.

Perhaps his most outstanding honor was in 1980 when he achieved the prestigious Chairman's Life Award where he placed 3rd in the nation.

Al left Allstate in 2009 and is now the president of a fast growing independent agency with most of the large independent carriers in property and casualty as well as several life and health carriers in a "one stop shop" financial center.

Al currently works in coordination with NAPAA President Bob Isacsen in addressing some of the regional issues indigenous to the northeast's declining markets, and carrier conflicts affecting the Allstate agency principals.  

Since 2009, Al has worked with the Professional Insurance Association (PIA), on their advisory committee:  "It is our task to identify concerns affecting agencies with carrier relationships and state regulatory issues within our region and submit recommendations for possible resolution to the board of directors. We are accountable to the board's President. I believe this has enabled me to develop a broadened scope of the industry and it's product distribution systems which can be shared in developing ideas and enhancing my performance in the roles I'll serve in shaping and supporting NAPAA's future agenda."

HainesDIRECTOR - Michael Haines, NY
Active Agent
Director 2013 - Present

My Allstate hire date was December 12, 1982. Previously, I was a sales manager for Combined Life Insurance Company of New York for four years. I started in the field in April of 1983, after passing my license exams and completing my Allstate training. I worked in a Sears catalog store with another agent in Bridgehampton, NY.

It was a challenge for me from the beginning; I was from Upstate NY, and had no "centers of influence" or client base and I didn't even know the area. But from those humble beginnings, I earned Senior Account status (2,000 accounts) in less than two years. Our catalog location was the number one retail store for the three years I was there with my partner, Donald Striplin. I moved into my current location as an NOA, and later converted to the EA agreement in 1999.

During my tenure with Allstate I have been fortunate to have many successes, including achieving Honor Ring 28 times, Leaders/Presidents 27 years, Chairman's 11 yrs, Inner Circle 7 yrs, Life leaders 2 years, Line Leaders 11 yrs, Best In Company Profitability, Top in Region 5 yrs, top property producer in territory at least 12 years, and many other territorial and district awards.

I became affiliated with NAPAA, when it was called NNOAC in the late 1980's. I served on the Regional Advisory Board for many years, but not recently. I have a strong desire to make the Allstate brand better and wish to be a positive influence in this endeavor.