Inside NAPAA

Inside NAPAA

President's Message

The Sky is Not Falling... In spite of some difficult budgetary issues over the past few years, things are looking up for your agent association, especially in the overall disposition of our board of directors. A refreshing wave of enthusiasm and motivation has washed over the board, giving them a renewed sense of purpose. They are genuinely excited about the encouraging transformation NAPAA is undergoing.

This doesn’t mean we don’t have problems, because we do. What has changed is the way we go about solving them. For the foreseeable future our primary concern will be budgetary. We’ve already made many hard choices, but there will be more to come. This means we must find ways to cut expenses even further, while simultaneously growing revenues. This does not mean raising membership dues; it means adding more members and developing other sources of income.

In case you haven’t noticed, NAPAA is in the throes of great change. It is important to me that both our members-at-large and board of directors are given every opportunity to improve NAPAA. No sensible new ideas are off the table. As a result, we are coming up with new ways for members to communicate their ideas and concerns to us. These are not always earth shattering revelations; instead, they are often minor tweaks that can make a difference.  

One such idea is our new “Suggestion Box” feature in our member-only newsletter. Now, when a member has an idea or suggestion, they simply submit it via the suggestion box and it is forwarded to me. If it has merit, I take it to the entire board for consideration.  Another idea we are implementing in the latest issue of Exclusivefocus is a new advice column we’re calling “Ask Lezlee.” Lezlee Liljenberg is a multiple Inner Circle Award winner and member of our board. If you have a business-related question that you are not sure how to handle, just email your question to 

At this point, I’ll point out that NAPAA officers and directors are not compensated, except for travel-related expenses they incur when attending face-to-face board meetings once or twice per year.  To be clear, talking about our financial challenges is not about me running around shouting, “The sky is falling,” because it’s not. Instead, it is an effort to give our readers a better glimpse into the affairs of NAPAA.  

I am not at all pessimistic about the fate of NAPAA. I am, in fact, quite optimistic about our future. Yes, we must make some very difficult decisions in the coming months, but I believe our board of directors will step up to meet these challenges. And once we’ve finished the hard work, NAPAA will be stronger and more vibrant than ever.  If you are a nonmember reading this message, I hope you will decide to be a part of the only organization looking out for the best interest of the Allstate agent. Become a NAPAA member today… we need your support.

Jim Fish

NAPAA President