Inside NAPAA

Inside NAPAA

President's Message

Is no news is good news? - It has been several months since we've heard anything substantive from Northbrook about its strategic plan for Allstate agents. Aside from divulging the feel-good news that commissions won't change to 8% anytime soon and that life insurance quotas will remain the same in 2015, there has been little other news.
Does this mean the company has yet to make critical decisions that will determine agency revenues for 2016 and beyond? 
On the whole, it seems that everything is calm at Allstate - almost too calm. This aura of tranquility is further enhanced by the fact that agents in many markets are writing more P&C business. Could it be that senior management has come to the realization that agents are happier and more productive when they have competitive products to sell? Is this period of tranquility a permanent state of affairs? As much as I would like to think so, my instincts tell me otherwise.

 Annual Elections - I would like to remind readers that NAPAA will be holding annual elections in the spring. My goal is to elect more active agents to our board of directors. If you are an agency owner who cares about agent issues, give me a call at 877-627-2248. Based on my personal involvement over the years, I can attest that it is a highly a rewarding experience. I hope you'll decide to call me; I would be delighted to speak with you.

NAPAA National Advisory Council
(NAC) - We have organized our own National Advisory Council (NAC). The representatives appointed to the new council are all active Allstate agents. Our first council meeting was held in January; another is scheduled in March.

National Telecommunications Brokerage Company - For years NAPAA has tried to introduce innovative products, services and opportunities to help agents run their agencies. Everyone knows that while the telephone is the lifeblood of Allstate agencies, it is also a major expense. Costs can be steep and competition is often non-existent, making it difficult to comparison shop. Agency owners will be glad to know that NAPAA recently signed a multi-year contract with The Telcom Group (TTG), a national telecommunications brokerage company. TTG acts much like an independent insurance broker in that it works with multiple telecommunication carriers. Typically, TTG is able to offer individual agency owners multiple telecommunications options at competitive rates.
Aside from the cost savings agency owners will likely realize once they receive their free cost analysis from TTG, it is important to understand that TTG is committed to becoming a long-term partner of the agent community. One way it intends to accomplish this is by providing the funding necessary to establish an ongoing NAPAA Scholarship program. Another is the fact that the company is not partial to any one telecommunications carrier; instead, it acts in the agent's best interests. It is for these reasons and more that NAPAA has chosen TTG as its Preferred Communications Broker.
I hope you'll take advantage of the no-cost cost analysis/audit of your current telecommunications system to ensure that you are getting the best price/service available. To contact The Telcom Group, please visit or call (800) 831-5322.

Jim Fish

NAPAA President