Welcome to NAPAA.org

Welcome to NAPAA

Welcome. The National Association of Professional Allstate Agents, Inc. is a non profit organization whose membership consists of agents under contract with Allstate Insurance Company, former Allstate agents, and other interested parties. NAPAA provides its membership with reliable communications on issues that affect Allstate agency owners and their customers.  NAPAA further serves its membership by acting on their behalf and speaking with a distinct and unfettered voice on a wide range of issues.  

We are dedicated to advancing the interest of Allstate agency owners, and their customers by promoting professionalism and ethical practices. The views we express here on this site or in any of our other official communications are solely those of NAPAA, and do not reflect the views or the opinions of Allstate Insurance Company, or any of its affiliates.  NAPAA is dedicated to the success of Allstate Exclusive Agency Owners and to advance the independence and entrepreneurial spirit of our members.

President's Message

Is no news is good news? - It has been several months since we've heard anything substantive from Northbrook about its strategic plan for Allstate agents. Aside from divulging the feel-good news that commissions won't change to 8% anytime soon and that life insurance quotas will remain the same in 2015, there has been little other news.
Does this mean the company has yet to make critical decisions that will determine agency revenues for 2016 and beyond? 
On the whole, it seems that everything is calm at Allstate - almost too calm. This aura of tranquility is further enhanced by the fact that agents in many markets ...


NAPAA Board Nominations Open April 1

Nominations for the NAPAA Board of Directors will be open from April 1, through April 30, 2015.

Nominations will be accepted for President, Treasurer and two (2) Directors at large. The term of office for all Board positions is two years. Any NAPAA member who is a current or former Allstate agent may run for office. To run for President, you must have at least one term of service as an Officer or Director.
Nominations close on April 30, 2015, so please call if you would like to nominate yourself or a fellow member agent.

Voting will be held between May 11 and May 25.

The NAPAA board is responsible ...

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